Desktop Alert


Why do I get Invalid USERNAME and PASSWORD?
You probably didn't activate your account. Open the email you've received from
us and click on the link. A message will pop up "Your account is now activated."

Does it work on MAC computers?
We are sorry, but we are unable to provide a Mac version of the Desktop Alert at this time. This might change in the future if there is sufficient demand.

After downloading the Desktop Alert, I don't see it running. What's wrong?
Once downloaded, save it, double-click the file and follow the instructions to install the program. If you still don't see the program go to Start -> All Programs -> Desktop Alert.

Will I receive alerts even if I am not at home?

Sure, as long as your computer is online and your program is activated, you will receive alerts. Once you return home, simply open the window and get updated!

REMEMBER! If you are offline, you must first connect to the Internet, and only then will your
recent News Alerts be downloaded

I cannot log in.
Check your connection to the Internet and then make sure that your user name and password are correct.

I am not receiving alerts. What’s wrong?
Make sure you are subscribed to the right category. Menu -> Profile -> select a category. Are you logged in? Double click on the icon on the system tray and enter Username Password or go to Start-> Programs-> desktop alert





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