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Desktop Alert Software v.4.0 - Send Alerts directly to your client's desktop

Desktop Alert software v.4.0 is a real time communication tool that enables any company in almost any industry to deliver alerts. As a web-based application, it allows the provider to send instant alerts to its clients, customers or members, directly to their desktop.

E-Shop’s software is delivered after being fully configured and modified to the customer’s specifications. Customization includes the implementation of requested modules and functionality, removal of unwanted functionality and complete “look and feel” customization,
therefore; The submited notification software is a full branded desktop application.
The system consists of two units; the Administration module and a Client download. To view the Flash demo click here or for FAQ's click here

The Admin area is a “server side” application that can be hosted on the customer’s premises or at one of E-shop‘s dedicated servers. The “Client”, which is installed by the end-user, is a small application (1-2 Meg) and when running, maintains a very small footprint, thus not straining the end-user computer resources.

Our unique system is differentiated by:
- Instant delivery to mass users
- Guaranteed delivery
- Avoidance of spam and junk mail
- Monitoring of connected users
- Security
- Closed 1to many relationship
- 128 bit encryption
- Ease of use
- High visibility / conversion

- Increase brand awareness / loyalty
- Instant delivery of time sensitive information
- News / Emergency / Product recalls
- Auctions / Short term sales
- Create new revenue streams
- Advertising
- Paid Subscriptions
- Improve Intranet communication
Desktop Alert Software is fully configured and modified to the customer's specifications.

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